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Agricultural Compost Service


KPS Agri Soil Conditioner is a 0-25mm screened, 100% green compost produced at our composting sites. It is certified under the BSi PAS100 and Compost Quality Protocol, meaning it is not controlled by waste regulation. Therefore you do not need licences to spread it as you would with some other farm inputs. The Protocol ensures our compost is produced to an approved industry standard, to which we are audited annually. The product is also certified by the Soil Association for use in organic farming systems.

Our in-house FACTS qualified advisor can discuss organic fertiliser requirements with the farmer or land manager, based on your particular soil and crop requirements. Agri Soil Conditioner can be collected from some of our composting sites or delivered direct to your farm.

We can also produce bespoke agricultural products by screening our green compost at different grades. For example we supply a 10-25mm screened product to fruit farms for use as a mulch around the base of trees. For further information on using compost products on your farm see the WRAP website

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