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Farm Electronics are pleased to be associated with J. Horsley Electronics.  They undertakes electronic PCB assembly work to a very high standard for ourselves.  He also offers this very useful service which may provide a very cost effective alternative to replacing with new, faulty PCB's on agricultural machinery.

When a PCB fails it is often the case a new one is required.  Usually they're expensive or worse still obsolete.  A whole machine could be rendered useless if a replacement PCB is not available.  There is, however, the possibility a board can be repaired.  Boards that have become obsolete may contain components still available today.  Provided the components are identifiable, there is a good chance a repair is possible.  If you are spending a fortune on replacement PCBs or discover that the board is no longer available, why not contact me and I'll see if I can help.  Often it is more economical to replace the faulty parts than to replace the entire board.  You wouldn't replace your car every time a headlamp failed or a tyre punctured.  If you think this service could be of use to you, feel free to contact me.

Unfortunately not all boards can always be repaired, especially those containing micro-controllers (Single Chip Computers with proprietary software programmed on them) or specialised components that are no longer available.  Manufacturers often secure their software with micro-controller ICs to protect intellectual property.  Should the micro-controller fail, only the original equipment's manufacturer is likely to be able to help - usually with a new PCB.  However, in my experience, micro-controller failure is rare even when other components around it may have failed.  Boards covered in really thick lacquer (1mm or more) or set in a block of resin are usually not a viable repair due to the labour involved gaining access to the components.

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