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SOIL transforms hazardous wastes into an amazing resource, one that is desperately needed in Haiti: rich, organic, agricultural-grade compost marketed locally as Konpòs Lakay. Though the country was once one of the most agriculturally-productive countries in the world, today the soil is so stripped of nutrients that it cannot produce enough food to feed Haiti’s population. SOIL is working to revive local agriculture by promoting the use of compost and other sustainable methods. SOIL’s agricultural team conducts studies on the use of Konpòs Lakay in order to improve local farming practices and maximize the economic benefits of targeted compost application. This data is helping SOIL expand the market for Konpòs Lakay, which in turn supports the sustainability of SOIL’s sanitation programs.


  • SOIL produces an increasing amount of Konpòs Lakay, SOIL’s EcoSan compost, each year. This compost is used to improve the fertility and water-retention of Haiti’s soils.
  •  Experiments have shown that Konpòs Lakay can increase yields by up to 400% and boost farmers’ profits by thousands of dollars per hectare.
  • SOIL regularly hosts interns from Haiti’s leading agronomy universities at our research farms. Interns gain valuable hands-on sustainable farming experience while helping SOIL expand its knowledgebase on the use of our compost on local crops. After graduating, these agronomists use their training with SOIL to promote sustainable farming methods around the country.

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