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Agricultural Land Drainage Design Services


From initial enquiry through to installation, we have an experienced team to complete all elements of the drainage cycle required. At the drainage design point, we ensure all factors are considered to allow an efficient scheme to be considered. It is important to liaise with all clients to understand budgets, cropping plans, time constraints, current problems and existing drainage within. All these provide key information at the design stage.

We have in house surveyors equipped with the very latest GPS technology, that allows accurate and intensive data capture to take place. This technology has evolved dramatically, providing multiple benefits to both the surveyors and the client. We are able to collate existing drainage information through old drainage plans, and record exact positioning of outfalls, culverts, obstacles etc, as well as current soil structures, that allow an important profile to be built up to assist with a specific bespoke drainage proposal.

This information Is then used back in the office, through a specific created program to design an effective and efficient detailed digital drainage proposal. As all our drainage trenchers are now equipped with the latest GPS technology also, this information can be directly uploaded to ensure they have this accurate data for the actual installation.

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