Agricultural Plastic Recycling


As our name indicates, our company’s focus is on the recycling of agricultural plastics. Through our alliances with manufacturers, we are able to recycle most agricultural plastic products. We are currently working on large projects involving agricultural mulch films, hay and cotton bale wrap, feed bags, pots and trays.

We have a facility in New Jersey, where we are currently taking in these materials and we will soon have facilities in Ohio and Georgia. We are taking materials from farms in Georgia at this time and from any location where it is logistically possible. The cost of transportation is our biggest factor, which is why we are expanding into areas that uses a large amount of agricultural plastics. We are taking our operations as close to the source of the plastic as possible.

Our long term goal is to take any, and all agricultural plastics and recycle them in the United States. The products we will produce will eventually reduce not only the farmer’s disposal costs, but also the cost of purchasing plastics that are used by the farmers.  Short term, we are still exporting some products to various countries, but this will diminish as our factories become fully operational.  Already, we have stopped exporting agricultural films from NJ as most, if not all, that is being collected will soon be made into new plastics.

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