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The North American agricultural market is continually changing and evolving, with these changes giving both challenges and opportunities to the agricultural community. Blackstone Agriculture Inc. is a multifaceted company that is vertically integrated into all aspects of the agricultural market and offers simple solutions to complex changes that are facing the industry. One of our greatest areas of expertise is that we act as an independent interdealer broker specializing in the wholesale physical and financial over-the-counter grain markets. We have operated brokerage houses in the North American and European marketplace for over 20 years and our staff and management offers our clients discreet, competitive, and efficient price discovery and brokerage services. Our clientele is comprised of ethanol plants, grain processing facilities, producers, oil companies, gasoline blenders, energy marketers, banks, hedge funds, and distributors.

We provide independent, efficient over-the counter (OTC) transactional services, risk management strategies, and market information products to our clients. In order to maintain our impartiality in serving our customers, Blackstone does not take any positions in the market.

We will soon be offering to the agricultural market Easy Trade, a secure online access to the North American over-the-counter (OTC) Energy and Agriculture markets. Traders, marketers, and other Energy, Agriculture and Biofuel market professionals will be able to gain greater real-time direct access to the North American Energy, Agriculture and Biofuel markets through Easy Trade. Grain products including soy, wheat, corn and canola will be available for real time viewing, trading and hedging to farmers and grain elevators, giving price discovery and tools that until now have not been directly available to all facets of the agriculture industry. 

The technology behind Easy Trade is the LIQUID TRADING PLATFORM, developed by Elysian Systems. Elysian Systems is a leading provider of electronic trading technology for exchanges and global interdealer brokers and is owned by the CME.

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