Agriculture and Rural Development Service



Our main concerns are fighting poverty, increasing productivity and improving living conditions in rural environments.

We help our clients worldwide to address their high-priority issues in the rural sector with integrated, sustainable solutions. Our specialists work together with governments, international financial institutions and the private sector to plan, design and implement programs and projects in the agriculture and rural development sector. Our activities include : agriculture and agri-business (diversification and competitiveness of productions); rural infrastructure development (hydro-agricultural improvement, community-based water development, post-harvesting and processing infrastructures, and social infrastructures); agri-food supply chains and market development (creation of value-added throughout the supply chain, market development support, particularly for exports, technical assistance to ensure that products meet international regulations and standards), technical and institutional support (training and capacity building, transfer of knowledge); water supply and sanitation (design and construction supervision of rural water supply system and sanitation infrastructure).

  • Integrated Agriculture and Agri-business Development: restructuring and processing of agri-food supply chains and livestock. Technical and institutional support (advice, information, training – dissemination, research);
  • Engineering Services : Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, and Request for Proposal, quality control and supervision of construction works;
  • Irrigation and Drainage : gravity or pressurized irrigation systems and drainage networks;
  • Project Management : Planning and implementation of projects and programs in the rural sector;
  • Economic and Financial Analysis: Realization of complex economic analysis, evaluation of program policies at the international level, strategic financial proposals and development of public-private partnerships for rural investments and credit.

We provide practical solutions for fostering income-generating activities in rural environments, while ensuring food security and improving living conditions of the population.

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