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A «Turn-key» agribusiness or an agricultural project is a work package that is aimed at establishment of a highly profitable agricultural enterprise, testing managerial and production technologies at the enterprise, training and development of staff and achievement of target performance indicators at customer’s site. The experienced specialists of «Agro-Soyuz Projects» LLC offer their services on implementation of innovation technologies in crop production, pig farming, dairy farming as well as on implementation of managerial projects and supply of resource-saving machinery and equipment.

A modern agribusiness always needs a fresh look, fresh ideas, requires implementation of innovations and systems approach to business running. This helps enterprises to move forward towards achievement of target economic indicators and improvement of quality of produced goods; clearly understand market needs and strive for full satisfaction of them.

Agricultural producers always face different situations: some enterprises only plan to convert to resource-saving technologies and thus increase their efficiency, others have been using these technologies, but when comparing their performance with the result of leading producers, they understand that there is a possibility to obtain higher results.

Both of them may ask: who can provide comprehensive help to tackle their challenges and ensure the result at that?

Economically viable option to achieve targets and share responsibility is cooperation with highly qualified specialists in the area of development and implementation of agricultural projects, the specialists that have experience in tackling production and managerial challenges in agrarian business based on systems approach.

The systems approach is a key tool for quick conversion to resource saving technologies and reaping the benefits from implementation of innovations. Our specialists use this approach during modeling of your enterprise’s development, follow up and staff training. The most important thing is that they take full responsibility for the final result.

  • We are not just providing consultation and developing project and engineering documents, we follow up every stage of implementation together with customer’s employees.
  • We study the most advanced technologies, test them at our model agricultural enterprise «Agro-Soyuz» and offer our customers efficient and tested solutions, adapting them to local climatic conditions.
  • We select technologies and equipment from the stand point of economic efficiency, quality and technological compatibility regardless of specific manufacturer or seller.
  • We’ve been working since 1997 implementing energy saving technologies Mini-Till and No-Till.
  • We’ve held 11 International conferences on resource-saving farming.
  • We’re constantly holding schools on agribusiness management, crop production, dairy farming and pig farming.
  • We work with more than 250 international experts.

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