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Certification to a food safety management system will increase a company’s control of food safety hazards. Certification also provides confidence to consumers they produce, process, prepare and handle food according to international and domestic food safety regulations.

A Food Safety Management System Helps Protect Your Brands and Reputation

Agriculture and food processing companies are being demanded by retailers and consumers to meet stricter food safety guidelines. This is due to the globalization of the food supply and the increase in food recalls. Industries such as agriculture and food processing benefit from certification to a food safety standard, such as SQF or FSSC 22000, by ensuring that companies meet international regulatory requirements and create a visible commitment to food safety.

Define Good Business Practices

Certification is not a one-time event. It becomes part of the everyday business management process of agriculture and food processing companies. Certification identifies good business practices that provide value for their client and improves their business integrity. For example, documentation of their customer specific requirements, top management buy-in, involving all employees in food safety practices, focusing on continual improvement and taking a factual approach to decision making.

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