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Agriculture Services


Riverside staff and associates have undertaken both short-term and long-term studies of irrigation systems, focusing on main system operations and maintenance activities, on-farm water management practices, farmers’ cropping practices, the macro and micro-economic aspects of irrigation and cropping systems, and institutional/organizational arrangements for effectively managing and controlling irrigation water.

Riverside staff manages teams of civil and agricultural engineers, agronomists, economists, and sociologists diagnosing irrigation problems, developing and implementing solutions, and evaluating effectiveness. At the forefront of researching, studying, and implementing improved irrigation O&M practices, leading to better irrigation efficiency and water quality, our studies focus on:

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Soil and land quality assessments
  • On-farm water management practices
  • Irrigation and cropping systems
  • Water conservation
  • Irrigated lands mapping
  • Runoff reduction
  • Irrigation system mapping
  • Irrigation water management systems and databases
  • Institutional assessment and capacity building
  • Agricultural and rural development policy and analysis
  • Stakeholder consultation in natural and field-level workshops
  • On-farm irrigation rehabilitation

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