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With the interest in healthy and environmentally sustainable products on the increase, algae represent an interesting feedstock source.

A wide range of products can be derived from micro and macro algae – from food and nutraceuticals to specialty chemicals.


Highlights of Algae-based Product Opportunities

Algae based products are renewable and sustainable. Wide variety of algae species are available resulting in business opportunities in various sectors.

  • Nutraceuticals/Food: Algae are a feedstock for many nutraceutical products, and a rise in health consciousness also results in a rise in the demand for algae based products in nutraceuticals sector.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Use of algae, especially the cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), for antibiotics and pharmacologically active compounds has received ever increasing interest. There are a range of pharmaceutical products that can be derived from algae such as therapeutic products, drugs, antimicrobials, etc.
  • Bioplastics: With increasing concerns over the use of plastics, sustainable alternatives to plastics are increasingly in demand. Biopolymers in general and bioplastics in particular, present one such sustainable alternative.At present, bioplastics are being manufactured from the first and second generation feedstock. However, companies are looking for more sustainable alternatives like algae which has a good potential for bioplastics manufacture in future. Opportunities are present across a variety of industrial sectors that include packaging, water, beverages, insulation materials, specialty materials and more.
  • Animal Feed: Microalgae are rich in protein and many strains possess a desirable amino acid profile. Many animal and fish feed companies are now beginning to explore algae as a protein source. One of the fastest growing segments of algae applications is the aquaculture.

As the demand for these categories of products are large and growing, and have a worldwide demand, a number of entrepreneurs are keen on venturing into the algae-based products businesses.

Oilgae’s Consulting Division provides specialty custom research and strategic consulting for various algae based product opportunities.

Companies and businesses keen on understanding the range of business opportunities emerging from algae, especially those who are keen on one or more of the following market segments:

  • Food & Nutraceuticals
  • Human Food & Food Supplements
  • Animal & Fish Feed Shrimp feed, Shellfish Diet, Marine Fish Larvae Cultivation
  • Biopolymers & Bioplastics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Eco-friendly Paints, Dyes and Colorants
  • Eco-friendly Lubricants
  • Eco-friendly Cosmetics
  • Eco-friendly Agrochemicals

Oilgae’s Consulting focusses on providing strategic and market focused suggestions and recommendations to entrepreneurs. With our extensive network and contacts with scientists and research community, Oilgae can also further assist entrepreneurs in collaborating with scientists and/or technical solutions providers.

Our core offering however is to enable our clients to understand the market, business and strategic potential for algae-based businesses.

Oilgae is one of the very few firms in the world that has had a dedicated focus on algae-based products and solutions for a decade. Starting with the research on the use of algae for biofuels, our scope of work widened about 6 years back into providing market and strategic assistance to a wide range of non-fuel products.

The following are the reasons why you should take Oilgae’s consulting assistance for your foray/investment into algae-based products:

  • More than ten years with a focus on market research for algae-based products and solutions
  • Have consulted for the likes of La Farge & Reliance
  • Our research has been used by over 1000 prominent companies and organizations worldwide
  • Highly networked with over 1000 industry experts worldwide
  • Run the world’s most popular online resource for algae products – oilgae.com
  • Publish the most acclaimed report on the topic – The Algae Products Report

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