ECODAS - Medical Waste Treatment System

Animal Waste Treatment Services


Regulation CE, No 1774/2002 classifies animal by-products into three categories based on their potential risk to human health, animal health, and the environment then defines how each category must or may be eliminated.

Materials of Category 1 :

These are materials that pose a significant risk to the public health (risk of TSE, MRS, and banned substance...).   Such materials must be identified, collected, and transported without delay to be destroyed by incineration or landfilled after processing and marking.

Materials of Category 2 :

 These are materials comprising mainly animal by-products with a smaller risk to the public health.  Such products are disposed of through incineration or burial after processing, they can also be treated by shredding and steam sterilization in order to be recycled and ready for certain applications other than animal feed (replacement of fuel oil into biomass, organic fertilizers, composting or methanization).

Materials of Category 3 :

 These are materials which do not exhibit health risk and include parts of slaughtered animals suitable for human consumption and former foodstuffs of animal origin, but are not intended for the latter for commercial reasons.  Only materials of Category 3 can be used in animal feed after applying appropriate treatment in licensed processing facilities


The treatment and processing of these materials by the ECODAS system allow their recycle as biomass, organic fertilizers, enriching agents, compost, or substance for the production of biogas by methanization after their preliminary transformation by shredding and steam sterilization at 133 °C.

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