Applied Aquatic Engineering

Applied Aquatic Engineering

Aquacultural Engineering Services


Site Selection: Environmental Site Assessments. Soil and Groundwater Sampling. Site Evaluation and Selection.

System Design

  • Equipment Selection
  • Evaluation of Energy and Water Usage
  • Aquarium System Design
  • Pond Culture
  • Raceway Systems
  • Cage Culture
  • Recirculating Systems

Computer Data Acquisition

  • Computer Data Logger Design
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Meteorological Data Collection
  • Computer Modeling

Water Quality Management

  • Aeration/Oxygenation System Design
  • Circulation and Mixing Design
  • Biofilter Design
  • Physical/Chemical Treatment Systems
  • Water Supply/Piping Network Design
  • Pump Selection/Hydraulic System Design
  • Complete Recirculation System Design


  • Technical Training

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