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Aquaculture is often presented as a way to take pressure off wild fisheries. When done properly many forms of aquaculture can indeed help take pressure off wild fisheries and provide needed income to coastal communities. However, as production rises, so too can aquaculture's impacts on the environment. In many parts of the United States aquaculture has been classified as a beneficial, non-consumptive use of water but in some states, such as Idaho, the trout industry's raceways require huge quantities of freshwater which combine with drought to result in a drawdown of the aquifer.

Recirculating systems only require periodic additions to top-up the water level but the accompanying cost of filtration or aeration to maintain water quality has, as a general rule, restricted implementation.

The ability to treat large volumes of water effectively provides opportunities for Water Vision Inc for both maximizing present water supplies in many operations and additionally cleaning up water for safe and effectively return to the environment in others.

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