Aquaculture Bird Control Services


Bird control and the need for aquaculture bird control management is both a common and serious need in the industry. Birds, such as Great Blue Herons, Mallard, Belted Kingfisher, Common Grackle, amongst others are notorious for their consumption of fish. Many scare tactics can be loud, aesthetically unpleasant, and inhumane to the birds by using Mylar tape, netting, and pyrotechnics. Many of these techniques are harmful to the birds and surrounding wildlife, as well as disruptive to humans nearby.

The Agrilaser® and Aerolaser® bird control devices are an efficient bird deterrent that offers the newest in laser bird control which was only recently made available in the United States during 2015. All devices currently being offered by Bird Control US many welcoming attributes and include silent, visually appealing, and ethical technique for bird control in aquaculture facilities. The lasers cause no damage to structures or potential harm to the birds.

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