Genotop AS

Aquaculture Genetics Management Solution



You want to design your aquaculture breeding strategy with an experienced geneticist. We will help you to reduce the risks of genetic management and put science at the heart of business. Recent scientific and technological developments made genetics a revolution you cannot afford to ignore.

Genotop will help you to estimate:

  • The breeding value of your breeders
  • The usefulness of your ancestors
  • The level of genetic variability of your stock
  • The level of inbreeding of your stock
  • Acurate parentage assignment based on genetic fingerprinting
  • Cryopreservation strategy
  • EBV of offspring
  • Index your breeders for multiple traits
  • Parents contribution to the next generation
  • Founders and ancestors contribution
  • Genotype by environment interactions
  • Between-traits genetic correlations
  • Heritability for all type of traits

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