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AQUA-USERS, an FP7 GMES downstream project, will provide the aquaculture industry with relevant and timely information from Earth observation combined with in-situ measurements. The key purpose of AQUA-USERS is to develop, together with users, an app that brings together satellite information on optical water quality and temperature with in-situ observations also on optical water quality, temperature and ecological parameters. Additionally the application will collect relevant weather prediction data and met-ocean data (wind, waves etc). The application and underlying database and decision support system will link the information to a set of (user-defined) possible management decisions.

The application will help the users to make decisions based on the following information items:

  • Concentrations of Chl-a, TSM, CDOM and Kd from optical satellites, models and in-situ data
  • Sea surface teaperatures from satellite and in-situ observations
  • A harmful algae bloom (HAB) risk indicator
  • Aquaculture-related indicators such as: abnormally low or high phytoplankton abundance; abnormally high or low SST; early or late start of the spring phytoplankton bloom
  • Weather prediction information
  • Met-ocean data (wind, waves)

Together with the users, the project partners will demonstrate the applicability of the developed methods and tools in three case studies:

  • Case study 1: Site characterisation and selection based on historic GMES satellite data
  • Case study 2: Daily management using (optical) in-situ measurements
  • Case study 3: Daily management using near real-time satellite data and (optical) in-situ measurements

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