Area Risk Protection Insurance Policy - ARPI (Former GRIP)



GRIP is based on the experience of the county rather than individual farms, so APH is not required for this program. A GRIP policy includes coverage against potential loss of revenue resulting from a significant reduction in the county yield or commodity price of a specific crop. When the county yield estimates are released, the county revenues (or payment revenues) will be calculated prior to April 16 of the following crop year. GRIP will pay a loss when the county revenue is less than the trigger revenue. Since this plan is based on county revenue and not individual revenue, the insured may have a loss in revenue on theirfarm and not receive payment under GRIP. The GRIP Harvest Revenue Option (HRO) Endorsement is available. This optional endorsement offers “upside” price protection by valuing lost bushels at the harvest price in addition to the coverage offered under GRIP.

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