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- Near Miss Scene Video Development

Recreate Near-miss using Animation: • Explains every steps, Hazards or Conditions that led to the near-miss. • Acts as a tool to create awareness for taking future precautionary measures. • Addressing multi-lingual needs. • Can demonstrate processes which are impossible to observe in real and could be the root cause for near-miss. • Explain root causes in detail. • Utilization of site photos, machinery and exact place where near-miss occurred for explaining the exact scenario. • Easily & efficiently distributed among multiple locations as it is digital in nature. • Encourages safety as a culture amongst the workforce. How ASK EHS deliver: • ASK-EHS will recreate the Near-miss scenario using client’s brief. After understanding the scenario, the video is produced with the purpose of highlighting the possible accident/incident. • ASK-EHS requires photographs along with brief description of the Near-miss to recreate the occurrence (PPT of 4 to 5 slides from the client suffices).

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