National Milk Records (NMR)

Assisted Recording Services


All milk yields, samples and event information are collected and authenticatd by the NMR Recorder. Customers receive management reports on Cell counts, Fertility, production and genetic evaluation. Each month a trained Milk Recorder will visit your farm to collect health, fertility, yield and production events and take milk samples from each milking cow. Samples and yields are analysed at one of our three laboratories and management reports are usually back on the farm within four days. These same individual milk samples can be used to test for BVD, Lepto, IBR and Johnes. Rapid developments in the field of PCR testing means that animals will be able to be have the types of Mastitis present, tested as well. (Additional charges apply).  This service is also available at 3, 6 or 8 weekly intervals. The cost of recording can start from as little as £12 per cow per year for an Assisted service on the average 200 cow herd.

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