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Automation Engineering



Construction of control systems for plants and machines. Process control engineering. Measurement engineering. Recording and analysis of measured data.


Construction of control systems

  • CAD engineering design of the construction documents
  • Implementation of the process engineering requirements
  • In-house control cabinet construction

Process control engineering

  • Control and monitoring of all process units and actual states by means of programmable control system (e.g. Simatik S7)
  • Individual assemblies are linked by means of PROFIBUS
  • Graphic display (process visualisation) via PC and monitor

Recording of measured data

  • Recording of physical variables as analog measured value via probe + transducer
  • Measured variables: pH, T, P, O2, Redox, flow rate, level in the various fluids
  • Forwarding the standardised measured values (0/4..20mA /0..10V) to the programmable control system and evaluation for the process

Measurement engineering

  • Use of certified equipment in the field, adapted to all kinds of different measuring principles and tasks

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