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B2B Lead Generation & Nurturing Services

We don’t just generate leads, we help you generate revenue! Generating quality leads is the first step towards a sale, but even quality leads become stale quickly if they are not properly managed and nurtured. At Penton Marketing Services, we’ve developed a process called Lead Lifecycling that moves leads through their buying journey and towards a purchase. We develop expert educational content that is targeted to their business needs, revealing the advantages of your products and services at just the right moment. In the end, you receive sales-ready opportunities – warmed and educated on the value of your products – and all with minimal input from your marketing and sales teams!

Our approach

Target the right buyer.

  • We know your customers. We know what they are reading and the topics they respond to, which allows us to produce a lead generation program that builds good quality leads with true interest quickly.

  • Our strategy team works closely with you to develop a lead generation and marketing plan that delivers true interest.

Nurture leads with engaging content.

  • Leads receive educational content that is relevant to your product area and helps moves them through the sales funnel.

  • Real-time action. With insight into a buyer’s behaviors, we can deliver the right email message and educational content when they are ready.

Get the right opportunities to sales.

  • Leads are prioritized using a combination of engagement actions and their demographic profile.

  • You receive sales-ready opportunities according to your preferred schedule, with full insight into a lead’s actions.

Lead Lifecycling works

  • Companies that excel at lead nurturing are able to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost-per-lead. *

  • Lead scoring is a way of prioritizing leads based on both demographic and behavioral criteria. Best in class companies using lead scoring benefit from a 107% better lead conversion rate, 40% greater average deal size and 17% better forecast accuracy. **

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