Biological Diagnostics



Through the application of the latest diagnostic technologies, ADAS is able to provide cost effective solutions to the requirements of the farming, veterinary health and food industries. Services can be tailored to meet customer needs and can extend to the delivery of finished products.In collaboration with the University of Leicester, ADAS is able to provide or develop a complete diagnostics service for diseases, pathogens and other biological markers or contaminants.


TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies) diagnostics

  • Utilising sensitive immunoassays, novel concentration technologies and the latest in prion amplification techniques, ADAS research addresses the development of both pre- and post-mortem tests for the detection of TSEs in farmed ruminants.

Antibody and hybridoma development

  • Through the production of monoclonal antibodies to specific proteins, peptides or haptens, ADAS has the capability to develop novel immunoassays and also provide expertise in assay development for a broad range of targets.

Novel ligand display

  • In addition to conventional monoclonal antibodies, ADAS can display recombinant antibodies and peptides on the surface of phage.  This is appropriate for a wide range of applications, including diagnostics, or further engineering.

Molecular diagnostics

  • Our laboratories have experience in PCR based detection of GMO plants, micro-organisms and quantitative real-time detection of mould spores. Conventional PCR or real-time techniques for DNA detection are designed to customer requirements.  Application of metagenomic approaches for the detection of micro-organisms, including pathogens in a wide range of different samples.

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