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Bioresource Technologies Service


Provides specialized facilities and expertise in biotechnology, biomass feedstock development, bio-processing, bio-conversion and biomaterials engineering to help industry design, develop, demonstrate and commercialize new bio-refining processes and value added products. Key initiatives include the Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre, Alberta Biochar Program, Engineered Wood Products Services and a new Nano Crystalline Cellulose Pilot Plant.

Areas of focus:

  • Biotechnology and genomics. New traits discovery and development that enhances the productivity and quality of Alberta food, feed and fibre crops and genomics tools to support environmental projects related to monitoring and remediation.
  • Feedstock development. Working in the crop industry, with an emphasis on crops with industrial applications, i.e. hemp and flax to identify and develop technologies and services that exploit unique properties of microbes and plants.
  • Biomass processing technologies. Developing and demonstrating leading-edge technologies for handling and adding value to Alberta bio-fibre resources and resource recovery from agricultural and forest waste materials.
  • Thermochemical Processing (TCP). Don Harfield, P.Eng., P.M.P., Team Leader & Researcher.
  • Engineered composite products. Developing new fibre products for emerging markets and focusing on developing, optimizing and demonstrating composite materials, processes and products which incorporate bio-fibres from forest and agricultural materials.

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