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We at BioSoil Farm learned that one of the biggest challenges for regulated Cannabis Growers is the need to effectively destroy Cannabis Plant Waste and render it “unusable” before disposing of it.  As professionals in the Food Waste Recycling Industry, we knew that we had the solution… The BioSoil Farm Cannabis Waste Remediation and Recycling Center.  This turnkey, self-contained unit can process from 650 lbs to 1300 lbs of Cannabis Waste per day and render it “fully composted” in that time.  It will also reduce it’s weight and volume by about 90%!  The throughput can be reincorporated into soil blends, shipped back to BioSoil Farm to be recycled or simply disposed of safely. 

The Cannabis Waste Remediation and Recycling Center is fully enclosed in a recycled shipping cargo container and suitable for placement outside (or inside) in a convenient area. The center can process one or two 650lb loads daily.  It is incredibly easy to use due to the nearly “touch-free” design. 

BioSoil Farm’s Cannabis Waste Remediation and Recycling Center is a turnkey, on-site method for cannabis waste remediation with the lowest carbon footprint of any method for recycling or remediating cannabis waste.

So Here is how the BioSoil Farm Cannabis Waste Remediation and Recycling Center works. 

Plant waste is shredded into barrels.  Barrels are dumped into processors until they are full by weight (650lbs) or by volume.

Operator presses the start button and 6 hours later the cannabis waste has been reduced by approximately 80% and rendered unusable. The dry stable material is then moved by vacuum to a super sack within the Cannabis Waste Recycling Center.  This dry stable matter is either disposed of locally or picked up by BioSoil Farm bimonthly (or as needed) and recycled into fertilizer and fuel.  The water extracted from the waste is potable and can be used in grow operations or run down the drain.  The water is clean.  While it may have some nutritional value for plants it is water at this point, not fertilizer.


Cannabis Waste does not need to be stored.  It can be processed the same day it is collected/produced, so that compliance, critter issues, smell and other negatives associated with cannabis waste are eliminated.

Each Cannabis Waste Recycling Centers can contain two waste processors so while one is running the other can be filled.

Using the EPA’s WARM Report, BioSoil Farm’s Cannabis Waste Recycling Center releases 93% fewer Greenhouse Gasses (GHG) than Landfilling the Waste and 84% less GHG than composting it.  The Cannabis Waste Recycling Center is the MOST EFFICIENT method for food waste remediation.

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