Kılıç Deniz

Kılıç Deniz

Breeding Fishes


Sea bream and sea bass hatcheries are produced in hatcheries operating in Bafa, Ören, Akarca and Güvercinlik. When the seed fish reach 3 – 5 g weight, they are transferred to the seed fish facilities in the cage management sections and placed inside 20 m diameter HDPE cages.

The seed fish are fed 5-8 times a day depending on the water temperature.

Once they reach 30-40 gr weight, following a careful growing period, they are transferred to 30-50m diameter HDPE cages with attached nets that have been built specially for them. And then they are sent to the growth facilities. And they are subjected to an elongation process before they are transferred. This process is done to compensate the difference in their sizes and provide a healthy growth.

100% of the growth facilities are off shore systems and they are equipped with automatic feeding systems and both surface and underwater cameras. In our facilities where experienced engineers, divers and experts work, both underwater and surface inspections are done with a great sense of care and devotion.

The production of porgy, common seabream, bream, striped seabream, sharpsnout and umbra also continues as various types.

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