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In the broiler farming business, REDO mainly adds value because of faster weight gain, which means more revenue per rearing cycle, better feed conversion, i.e. less cost of feed per kg of meat, lower mortality, i.e. more revenue for the same amount of birds and feed purchased.

In a broiler farm in Venezuela, the average weight per bird after the constant rearing cycle increased from 1.8kg up to 2.2kg after REDO installation, while mortality could be reduced at the same time from more than 15% to around 4%.

In another broiler farm, average weight in a rearing period of 6 weeks could be increased from below 1.6kg to about 1.671 kg on average – depending on race, previous health status etc. typically by about 4-12% are achievable.

Our Broiler Farm Calculation Tool helps you simulating what this means to your broiler farm and your bottom line.

The reasons for the success of REDO treatment in Broiler Production are

  • the improved health status of the hens, which is achieved by killing harmful germs in the water, in the pipeline system, and in the beak, the oesophagus and the intestinal system of the bird.
  • the improved feed conversion rate, which is achieved by leaving more room for the natural intestinal flora that benefits from reducing germ pressure.

For more details, see the explanations here.

Achieving these excellent results is very easy: The REDO installation works and adjusts dosing full automatically, you just need to replenish salt once a week.

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