Catalyst Handling Service

Partnering of CR-Asia, we offer “blinds to blinds” approach for catalyst handling in all type of reactors. From pre-engineering, planning, scheduling to inspections, removal, binding, bolt tensioning and welding, our distinctive credentials represent the right solutions for your problems.

  • Inert Entry (N2): for catalyst unloading/reloading as well as other applications
  • Dense Loading: DENSICAT technology under license from Petroval (Total-Fina-Elf)
  • Unidense: loading technology for reformer tubes under lie
  • Reformers (Furnace): total service including tube changing/welding and uniform loading
  • Reformers/Platformers: catalyst changeout, mechanical works and installation
  • Ammonia Convertors: total service including upgrading and speciality welding
  • CCR: total service including center pipe and scallop removal, repair, welding, and replacement
  • ARHDM & RDS: hydro-drilling technology for coked/fused reactors
  • HCU: total service including repair, soda ash washing, welding and dense loading
  • Parex-Molex-Olex Chambers - adsorbent changeout and mechanical work
  • EO - Tubular Reactors: catalyst changeouts
  • FCC : catalyst vacuuming and coke removal

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