Ceaa Assessments For Shellfish Aquaculture


BRC can provide cost effective services for shellfish growers who must meet information requirements necessary for DFO CEAA environmental assessments, which may be required for DFO referral of shellfish tenure applications. BRC is able to carry out the environmental assessments and utilize the findings to assist proponents and government authorities during the CEAA process. In addition to our shellfish aquaculture, field and environmental assessment capabilities and experience, BRC has: Received EA training directly from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. Developed cost effective epi-benthic video sled equipment for conducting marine foreshore assessments without the use of expensive dive teams or remote operated vehicles (ROV's). Ability to edit, analyze and prepare digital data (still photo, video) in-house for submission to DFO. Extensive reporting experience and knowledge of the DFO program requirements.

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