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Climate Control



Every plant has its own optimum microclimate (the ideal conditions to promote growth and yield)– climate control is about ensuring this climate is maintained. Growers need complete control to eliminate as many variables as possible; this is more difficult to achieve in a glasshouse than in a controlled enviromental room, due to the effects of ambient conditions. In order to maintain each plant’s microclimate we must control the temperature, humidity, level of CO2, airflow control, irrigation and cooling. At CambridgeHOK we can integrate it all into a sophisticated enviromental control computer system.

The climatic controls CambridgeHOK can offer are:

  • Heating by gas, oil, biomass, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps or CHP.
  • Cooling by ventilation, direct expansion refrigeration, chilled water, Absorption Chillers or high pressure fogging systems
  • Humidification by steam, ultrasonic, misting, or high pressure fogging,
  • De-humidification by absorption, direct expansion dew point control
  • CO2 by bottled CO2 (used for low level CO2 usage) or from scrubbed flue gases

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