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CNC Working Services


We are a manufacturing company present on the market since 2000. We produce ridge skylights, sliding aluminum windows for livestock buildings and production of a large variety of plastic products in the rotational form.

  • cuting sheets on CNC guillotine,
  • bending metal sheet on CNC brake press,
  • bending tubes and profiles on roll bending machine,
  • TIG, MAG and electrical method of welding, welding
  • cutting band saw, at any angle, profiles, rods and tubes with dimensions not exceeding 235 x 315 mm,
  • precision cutting of metal sheets up to 6 mm,
  • treatment of steel sheets, Al-Zn coated, aluminum and copper sheets.


Hydraulic CNC system guillotine is working at to the pressure of 15 tons, allowing for sheet processing with the following parameters:

  • Maximum length of the cut - 4100mm,
  • Maximum thickness of the sheet- up to 6mm,
  • Maximum thickness of acid-resistant steel plate - to 4mm,


Hydraulic CNC press brake with pressure of 160 tons for steel allows for processing in the following parameters: maximum length

  • Bending line - 4100mm,
  • Maximum thickness - up to 6mm

Sheets processing with different parameters than those mentioned above to client request.

Bending of pipes and profiles on bending roller

Bender is designed to bend rods, profiles, tubes, using cold bending. With the ability to position the machine on the back wall, the findings can be bent in a horizontal line. The machine is equipped with a set of universal rollers (for bending different profiles - open or closed).


We use TIG / MAG technique with electric argon shields. Electric TIG / MAG welding and coated electrode is for materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. Mechanical processing: cutting, bending, grinding, drilling, threading metals (aluminum, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, carbon steel) . Welding shop is equipped with the following devices:

  • MAG 135
  • TIG Faltig 4000,
  • electrode welder.

We have qualified staff and equipment necessary to satisfy any needs.

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