CNH Industrial Parts & Service


CNH Industrial Parts & Service supports all CNH Industrial Brands and their Sales and Service Networks through: partnership with selected suppliers that meet the most stringent quality standards in terms of raw materials and production processes; strict compliance testing to ensure product reliability, durability and safety, guaranteeinglong term machine value and performance; distribution and availability of spare parts and accessories for the entire life cycle of the machine; continuous updating of products and services offered by the sales and service networks to maximise the profitability of the machines and exceed, customer satisfaction.

Parts & Service offer includes:

  • Original Parts – guaranteeing maximum reliability and performance over time;
  • Accessories - wide range of customised solutions that optimise efficiency, comfort and safety of our machines;
  • Remanufactured Parts (Reman) - New Life to products convenient for customers and the environment;
  • Special lines - spare parts dedicated to older machines and competitors models
  • Telematics & Precision Farming - advanced technological solutions applicable to all types of business, that enable machines geo-location and their remote management.

CNH Industrial Parts & Service has a global presence with 57 parts depots, all with excellent performance: 5 million parts managed, over 36 million order lines shipped per year, 24/7 deliveries, covering a machine population of 3.5 million.

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