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Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning Services


Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMPs) are conservation plans unique to livestock operations. These plans document practices and strategies adopted by livestock operations to address natural resource concerns related to soil erosion, livestock manure and disposal of organic by-products. The development of a CNMP begins with a comprehensive engineering and conservation planning resource assessment of current site conditions. Management options and structural alternatives are developed to address resource concerns identified during the assessment. The minimum criteria for developing a CNMP is defined in the NRCS National Planning Procedures Handbook (NPPH), Subpart E (Parts 600.50- 600.54), Subpart F (Part 600.75) and Subpart C – Exhibits (Exhibit 15) at: Individuals who approve and/or develop CNMPs must be certified by the Wisconsin NRCS or through the TechReg website.

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