Connection to the National Grid



As a PV system generates electricity and is connected to the National Grid, it has an impact on the Grid. The local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) requires an application to be made detailing the proposed generator. They then assess the likely impact of the generator on the surrounding Network and assess if it is possible to connect the system. They will reply with either a yes, a yes with minor costs for required upgrades or a yes with a large cost for a significant upgrade.

In the SSE area in the South of England for example:

  1. Domestic installations upto 3.68 kWp are installed and simply notified to them.
  2. Installations upto 10kWp spread across 3 phases are installed and simply notified to them.
  3. Installations over 3.68 kWp per phase are applied for using G59/2. Under 30kWp the process is relatively simple and inexpensive
  4. Installations over 30kWp requires a different metering arrangement and some ongoing cost for half hourly metering and there may be other requirements.

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