The Abblox team has developed the wide range of competencies needed to be successful in modern aquaculture. Two examples would be the development of vocational training courses for shellfish farming through the ADAPT FP5 Project (1992) and the first genetic marker assessment ofHaliotis tuberculata(the ormer) through the SUDEVAB FP7 Project (2010).

During 2012 we have been involved in;

  • Project Planning
  • Marketing development of shellfish and manufactured products
  • Product innovation and patent applications
  • Hygiene assessments and process implementations
  • Commissioning purpose made aquaculture service vessels
  • Conference and exhibition presentations (International Abalone Society 2012 Tasmania, SAGB London, ASSG Oban, Vannes)
  • Integrated SME/RTD research programmes (Ormeaux)

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