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Consultancy On Development & Maturing of Technological Solutions

AgroTech provides consultancy on development and maturing of technological solutions for precise and resource-efficient cultivation of traditional and new crop varieties. We are experts in pesticide application concepts and we provide consultancy on precision application to ensure correct dosage. At the same time, these techniques reduce spray drift and deposits on the soil. This makes both financial and environmental sense. We also provide consultancy on yield optimisation through the use of GPS technologies, leaving only one wheel track in the field. The use of one wheel track only attracts much attention as this method provides favourable growth conditions resulting in improved yield.

Indoor Farm Technology
Today, there is increasing demand for monitoring, documentation and management systems among large, modern farms. Use and implementation of new technology on cattle farms is one of our core competencies. We provide knowledge and consultancy on the planning of feeding strategies and the use of technology to monitor animals kept in loose housing systems. We also provide consultancy on how to use data from data processing equipment for management purposes. In addition, we assist cattle farmers in defining and using biomarkers for monitoring.

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