CE Projects Ltd

CE Projects Ltd

Consultancy Service


CE Projects provides consultancy services for both agricultural and industrial environments, which include:

  • Full surveys
  • Careful assessment of objectives
  • Accurate summary and options
  • Clear proposals with costings where required
  • Preparation of planning submissions
  • Tender preparation and evaluation
  • High quality products
  • Ongoing client support
  • Dispute Resolution

 We can provide all the solutions above in UK or abroad at reasonable rates, providing practical and effective solutions for:

  • Separation of wastes
  • Effluent and sludge storage and purification
  • Flushing systems for cattle and pig slurry
  • Cattle Market drainage and treatment
  • Storage options for agriculture
  • Water storage and purification
  • Nitrate and Phosphate removal.
  • IPPC compliance

We have planned facilities for:

  • Cow units up to 50,000 cows,
  • Pig waste separation from 115000 pigs in the Philippines
  • Dairy wastes up to 150,000 liters per day (UK)
  • Poultry manure digestion and drying with pelleting for fertilizer
  • 50 cow council smallholding
  • Many flushing systems for animal manures.

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