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One thing I do not like to do on this website is to talk about money. My purpose with the site is and has always been, to introduce you to who we are and how we may help you. I want you to learn about us and the industry without having money clouding your thought process. We can discuss those things later in phone chats or e-mail. It is also to give you an insight about our many years of experiments and research so you do not make the same mistakes we did. We want you to get it right the first time.

Having said that I will explain our consulting services here.

I tell people I can not charge them by the hour for consulting because I do not own a watch and would not  know when the hour is up. Therefore I do not charge by the hour.

You can feel free to call us at anytime. I am not going to charge for talking to you.  Send us an e-mail and  we will send you a bunch of information about not only our systems but other things about the industry.

The best way to get started really understanding how our systems work and how you can get started and  to become a client with unlimited free consulting help is to purchase the system design plans as shown  on the DITY page.  This a big package that covers all of the details for every system you see on this site from the S-2005 to the S-09 and many variations in between. Included with this package is a construction manual and a business model to help you develop your own business plan.  This is a very low one time charge and comes with free consulting from that time on. After this purchase I help you with planning and  engineering for your specific site and needs. We stick with you at no additional charge from construction of your system to start up and operating the system.

We do provide on site consulting as well. Of course for these services we have to charge for travel expenses and a reasonable daily travel allowance. But we charge for this on a negotiated basis. We do not want to take money from you that can be better used to build your system. With modern communications like google earth and other methods it is not always necessary for us to put our feet on your property to do a site plan and engineering layout. As I mentioned, we will not be charging you for additional office work.

Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

We do business plans and feasibility studies everyday. They are one in the same. You can not do a business plan without first determining the business is feasible and visa versa. Our business plans, tailored specifically for you, are major documents designed to inform both you and your lenders about the state of the industry, marketing and of course many different spread sheets scenarios starting you out small and showing projections for future expansion.

I do not feel that everyone needs to spend the money on these unless they are going to be investing over $100,000 on their project. However, some bankers and loan guarantee institutions like USDA require you have a formal business plan and also a recognized consultant to guide you. We provide both.

In many cases the business model we provide with the design set will give you what you need to do your own business plan.

Fees for this vary and once again.  They are negotiable, so we need to discuss what it is you need.

The pre-engineered design package is a part of the business plan so you do not need to pay for that  twice.

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