Phase 3 Renewables

Consulting & Feasibility Modeling


Phase 3 Renewables offers consulting services which provide you the background and insight needed to make informed decisions about your operation.

Do you need help with…?

  • minimizing odor?
  • nutrient management?
  • reducing cost for your on-site energy?
  • improving your operations overall profitability?
  • determining if a biogas plant would benefit your operation?
  • securing project financing?
  • developing a tailored project plan?
  • project management or a system provider?

We can provide:

  • Teleconferences and/or face-to-face meetings to assist you
  • Technical Feasibility Studies and support on Technology Selection
  • Anaerobic Digester Feasibility Modeling
  • Project Financing Alternatives
  • Options for the sale of energy and emission credits

We'll tailor our services to meet your needs.

Phase 3 Renewables can provide an analysis of your operation's current state against available systems and recommend options for the most appropriate, integrated system with the right equipment and processes. We'll assess available feedstocks for their energy potential and material handling requirements, as well as their residual value after treatment and processing. Even with standard feed rations, the manure will vary from farm to farm and throughout the year. We create robust systems that remain stable in spite of normal, natural variability on a farm. Even with standard equipment modules, each farm will require unique integration equipment and materials. We bring the expertise to figure it out. We can also help evaluate your operation's potential for the future. You can preplan for future growth in animals, acres and personnel.

Phase 3 Renewable has developed a proprietary decision-support software tool, PATHWAYS 2 PROFIT™, for biogas and energy conversion plants using agricultural and other food wastes. The tool allows farmers and other producers to simultaneously examine all of the options for construction, equipment, biogas production, co-feeds, energy conversion, emission reductions, nutrient management, and funding. The tool integrates data from operating systems around the world and provides the financial and operational perspective needed to make system choices.

How it works:

  • You first provide us some general information, e.g. animal units, current energy costs, and initial system ideas.
  • Phase 3 Renewables enters your information into the PATHWAYS 2 PROFIT™ model.
  • Phase 3 Renewables shares the modeled cost, opportunities, and sensitivities.
  • Phase 3 Renewables works with you to refine the specific variables and or system direction to meet your overall project and financial goals.

  • Very minimal initial input from you
  • Tailored model for you done easily and quickly
  • Opportunity for you to view the impact of model changes immediately
  • Provides you the overall investment and profit impact of various options

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