Consulting Service

Staff at Seafarm Systems have over 20 years experience in both shellfish and finfish farming.  We have worked in the industry and know how the systems work.  We have continual contact with a wide range of farmers, growing various species in a large variety of conditions.  This gives us an excellent all around knowledge of marine farming systems, obstacles and solutions. Often new farmers tackle one issue at a time, not realising the impact early decisions have on future activities or growth.  By involving us from the start, we can help link the systems and plans together.

Some of the things we can assist with are:

  • Designing your farm, based on your site and production plans
  • Providing budgetary costs for your farm
  • Assist in selecting feeding systems, databases and other related items
  • Disease treatment and fish handling systems
  • Net design
  • Predator resistance
  • Harvesting systems
  • Mortality removal systems
  • Vessel selection
  • Expansion plans
  • Staff training
  • “How to” information on common marine farming practices

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