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Consulting Services


In addition to stand-alone special machines and automation projects, we also provide manufacturing planning and consulting help to optimize processes. These range from plant layout and process development to specific problems in cost reduction or quality control.

Environmental Consulting

Environmental engineering and consulting services are provided to solve special problems related to manufacturing processes. These range from site assessment, planning and reports to establishment of procedures and processes to control or prevent pollution and/or contamination problems associated with manufacturing processes.

Machinery: Food Processing

Design and build of custom food machinery is a special application of machine design. These machines require considerations for sanitary design, accessibility and disassembly for clean-up and maintenance and similiar requirements for components like conveyors, piping, motors, fittings, and electronic controls. Food Processing can include meat, vegetables and dairy products. Typical processes include washing, processing, weighing, packing and marking. Many are high speed continious motion machines. Construction standards are prescribed by American Meat Institute (AMI), National Sanitary Foundation (NSF), and US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA).

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