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WISSDOM processes have evolved through years of experience of working with the complex nature of individuals, businesses, organizations and multi-organizations with stakeholders. Whether within one organization or many, it’s a people-process to design, build, sell, buy and use technology. We help bring out the wisest part of oneself, team, company, partnership.

WISSDOM Inspire: Transformation thru Technology, Talent & Trust

Why does inspiration and happiness matter?
They are the fuel to drive new initiatives, attract talented people to join in, unclog stuck patterns and connect the day to day work-life with a lasting respect that what we are doing is meaningful and makes a difference in our world.

For lasting change to happen, there needs to be powerful decision-making in the face of fears about changes. Change is hard - and for some people and organizations….. very hard. Toxic beliefs and patterns can truly undermine or stall needed productive change in individuals and in organizations. WISSDOM processes tackle these complex dynamics and empower leadership and others in the organization to do so as well.

Compassion & Mindfulness
Training to be compassionate: Putting ourselves in another’s shoes with whom we are working is essential for change and for a strong work culture.

Earth Knowledge leadership has 30 years of training in mindfulness and uses it in day to day for more fulfilling and effective lives and work, and helps others do the same for fulfillment, effective relationships, processes and organizations. Similar training is sought out by leaders from organizations such as Google and LinkedIn. See Wisdom 2.0 Conference: The intersection between technology & wisdom.

WISSDOM for Individuals

Each person in our world can truly make a difference. WISSDOM processes help reveal and empower visions and dreams for individuals, and the pathway to make them realized.

WISSDOM for Strategic Advice

Creating the right strategy, partnerships, conversations can lay the foundation for lasting success. Keeping an open mind and exploring new strategies are keys for transformational opportunities.

Initiatives get sabotaged when this is not done well. For example when one person is highly competitive, boundaryless or overly critical, or dominates discussions. The right tone of voice for high level strategies also is essential, as demeaning tones shut down potential.

WISSDOM for Collaboration

Whether within one organization or multi-organizations, it’s a people-process to design, build, sell, buy and use technology. The greatest tools in the world only will work at their optimal level if people agree and commit, and the right leadership engages and facilitates their use. It does take a village, and when you have it : truly inspiring transformation can happen.

WISSDOM for Cross-functional Teams

Decisions usually require agreement from people with varied skillsets, responsibilities, perspectives and criteria for measuring success. WISSDOM processes facilitate this kind of decision-making process.

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