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Consulting Services

We want to make sure you can experience all the benefits of our technology. To do so, it is important that we have a good understanding of your operations in order to design user protocols that will increase your productivity and will be complementary to your current processes. We also want to make sure your operators are comfortable working with the XperCount and know how to get the maximum accuracy from it. For these reasons, we offer the option of an implementation visit to give you the most of the XperCount.

Once the XperCount is well integrated in your daily operations and have helped you reduce wastes and inaccuracies in your operations, you can start optimizing the heart of your production system. XpertSea has a unique expertise in experimental design and statistical analysis and we can help you improve some of your processes. Here are a few ideas of what we could work on together:

  • yield the average biomass of organisms
  • test subtle changes in stocking densities and their effects on survival and growth
  • isolate the different variables to test the effects that subtle decreases in feed or changes in your feeding regime will have on the survival and growth of your organisms
  • monitor the effect of temperature, decapsulation process and harvesting methods on the hatching rate of the cysts.

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