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Corporate HQ projects the image of a company, so lawns that are green and borders that are lush will help convey a positive image to visitors and members of staff alike.

Grassy Areas
Grassy areas can provide an area for workers to relax, but the constant traffic is tough on the grass. A pop-up irrigation system will provide regular water supply to the lawns, keeping them green and healthy.

Planters and Parking Areas
Areas open to visitors need to look at their best all year round. To save on maintenance costs, planters can be watered using either individual drippers or short lengths of drip line. For beds in car park areas, underground supply pipes will bring water to drip lines in the borders. If there are perimeter fences, drip irrigation will speed up the establishment of screen planting.

Communal Quadrangles and Entrance Atriums
Communal areas between corporate office buildings can benefit enormously from natural planting. Irrigation systems can be designed to water trees and plants in entrance areas and atriums. Indoor areas can be linked to the building BMS system to alert staff to any abnormal conditions.

Our Expertise
Access Irrigation have been providing irrigation systems for large corporate projects for nearly 30 years, working with many FTSE listed companies.

Access are able to advise the architect at the start of the project on the most suitable type of irrigation for each scheme and provide information on compliance with the water regulations. Working from plans. Access Irrigation will produce designs and costingsfor the project, along with the relevant information for specifiers and contractors.

Once the project commences Access provide project management services. We will also offer service vis'rtsto ensure that the system continues to operate as intended.

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