Corporate Management

All too often consultants provide excellent advice and support during the initial phases of a project, and then leave the company to cope alone with day to day management. The result is that often good international investment projects fail to bear fruit because of very high management costs - both in financial terms and in terms time and the absorption of human resources. CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG’s executive branch provides direct management services for corporate structures and administrative-legal relations once a tax plan or internationalisation project has been put in place. This is carried out with in loco professionals and consultants capable of providing tax, administrative, and banking assistance as well as support with local labour laws.

Partners are also available to provide a whole range of other services, including financial and consultancy services for contracts and Escrow Agreements and corporate and tax consultancy services on different types of investments in any given location (USA, UK, China, Eastern European Countries).
An important part of CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG’s executive department is dedicated to creating and managing trading structures for unilateral or triangular transactions on the market. Clients are ensured top quality services as a result of the vast array of choices on offer on where to locate purchasing centres or product and/or service distribution structures, combined with practical CMP & PARTNERS, EEIG know-how in terms of bank transfers, negotiations, fractioning for letters of credit, customs regulations, granting guarantees to third parties, centrally managed budgets and exchange rate risks.

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