Crane Grapple & Bucket Design Services


Engineered Solutions Customized To Your Needs Here at Mack Manufacturing, our design team has established a long history of industry innovations. Mack developed the first five-tine pulpwood grapple and introduced the first electro-hydraulic interlocking log grapple, which revolutionized log-handling and opened the way to full-length log harvesting and processing.

Our tradition of innovation continues today because we still take the time to listen and learn from our customers. The “open door” policy in our factory further encourages the free flow of new ideas between production, design and customer service so all employees can contribute to continuous improvement of our products and processes.

Our engineers thrive on helping customers solve their lifting and loading problems through customized grapples or clamshell buckets tailored to their particular application. Our in-house engineering staff stands ready to serve you with their many years of experience and a commitment to exceed your expectations.

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