ABC Laboratories is a leading provider of field and laboratory services to the crop protection, home and garden, and professional products industry in support of worldwide product development and registration of chemical, biochemical, microbial, and biotechnology products. ABC has provided development testing and analytical services for more than 30 years, and our evolving technical services and capabilities reflect our continued commitment to the industry. ABC has highly experienced professionals and we take great pride in offering technical services that are supported by state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Studies in compliance with the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Standards are routinely conducted to support regulatory submissions in the United States (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act – FIFRA), Canada (Pest Control Products Act and Regulations), Europe (EU Directive 91/414/EEC for Plant Protection Products), and Japan (Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law). Non-GLP studies are also performed to support product discovery and selection processes.

Testing and research-based services are provided from our laboratories and greenhouses in the United States (Columbia, Missouri). Field studies are managed within our network of field cooperators located across North America. ABC also has excellent contacts at international locations for performing and managing field trials outside of the U.S.

In addition to expeditiously completing standard studies, ABC is also recognized for testing challenging chemicals, and developing and improving analytical methods in order to meet each client's specific registration and product development requirements. ABC has extensive experience modifying existing test guidelines and developing unique testing approaches for hard-to-test chemicals and non-standard test organisms. We actively join in the development and validation of new procedures, an example of which is our participation in the round-robin validation of new ecotoxicity tests for endocrine disruptors.

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