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Culinary And Use Value Analysis Services

In addition to the equipment necessary for the potatoes cooking (cooker, deep fat fryer, etc.), the laboratory uses more specific equipments such as :

  • An image analyser (Image-Pro Plus);
  • A room specially fitted out for potato tasting : white light, 8 individual compartments to isolate the tasters;
  • A drum with bars (SAC's Engineering Department, the Netherlands) and an incubation chamber for the maturing of the batches to estimate the tendency to bruises.


Various methods are applied for the carrying out of above-mentioned analyses :

  • Image analysis ;
  • Use of weight under water for the determination of dry matter;
  • Use of reference cards for the assessment of several parameters : washability card of Belgapom for Bintje and for firm flesh varieties, USDA photographic scale for french fries colour evaluation, card of determination of internal defects and card for the after-cooking blackening assessment (both established by the Farming Systems Section) ;
  • Sensory analysis made by a coached staff in standardized conditions.

Analyses of potato qualitative criteria :

    1. Classical analysis
  1. Calibre
  2. Weight under water
  3. External aspect
    • Aspect (form, tuber colour, eyes depth, roughness)
    • External defects (scabies, rhizoctonia, growth cracks, distortions, germs, …)
    • Lavability
  4. Internal appearance :
    • Aspect (flesh colour)
    • Internal defects (hollow heart, rust spot, black heart)
    • Under skin spots (bruises)
    • Floating
  5. Damages
    1. Tendency to bruises
  6. Aptitude to processing :
    1. Fritability
    2. Chipsability
    3. After-cooking blackening
  1. Sensory analysis
    1. Triangular tests (discriminative)
    2. Culinary value analysis (6 judges or one judge) :
    3. Appearance on the dish (optional)
    4. Behaviour when cooking
    5. Flesh colour (optional)
    6. Flesh consistency
    7. Humidity
    8. Flouriness (optional)
    9. Granulation (optional)
    10. Taste intensity (optional)

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