Cultivation : From Saline Soil To Greenhouse


A number of cultivation approaches have been developed throughout the years. Sea vegetables cultures have been developed outdoors as well as in greenhouse conditions, from heavy clay soils towards artificial substrates. A great number of parameters influence the establishment of a 'saline culture' : the climate zone , availability of water, quality of water , farmer's facilities A number of cultivation methods can be practised according to the soil availability and the water availability.

The role of salt in the cultivation of saline crops (sea vegetables) is inevitable for growth and quality. Different approaches have been setup for the cultivation of sea vegetables. They vary from artificial towards semi-natural cultures depending on the availability of the kind of water (fresh vs saline water) and the characteristics of the soil in terms of salinity (non-saline vs. saline soil)
Our consultancy is focused to assist the grower in a number of culture possibilities with appropriate seed material and cultivation guidelines.

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