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Custom Packaging Solutions


cgl pack devises and manufactures fully customisable and eco-designed thermoformed packages thanks to its design and development departments. With close collaboration between our teams and yours, we design custom packaging, the original and unique character of which will enhance the profile of your products and your company. Our knowledge of your processes and our partner network also enable us to help you in the commercial production of your projects.



Thanks to our vast experience and knowledge of the various agri-food markets, we are able to offer high-quality innovative packaging solutions: cushioning, lids, trays, jars, etc. cgl pack implements the HACCP system, which is a guarantee of safety for the major companies of the food sector. cgl pack's technical team is very familiar with the specific industrial characteristics of its clients (cap sealing, packaging in a protective atmosphere, long life, sterilisation, etc).



With the strict requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical sector in terms of hygiene, technicality, protection, transportation and complexity of industrial processes, cgl pack has the right organisation expertise for manufacturing functional and technical custom packaging : thermoformed cushioning, blisters, etc.


Non-food distribution

Do you need to protect your products and make them stand out on the shelves? cgl pack is familiar with distribution and its circuits, and this means that it can design and manufacture customised and innovative packaging solutions. Whatever your line of business, food processing, cosmetics, drugs, perfumes, hygiene, DIY, etc., cgl pack employs its best efforts to produce the most relevant packaging solutions.



With its custom designs (in-house design studio), the wide variety of shapes, colours and materials, cgl pack meets your marketing and technical requirements to the letter to enhance the value of your products. cgl pack also proposes thermoformed packaging solutions and combined cardboard and plastic solutions that improve the environmental impact of your products as well as enhance their value.



cgl pack offers all types of handling trays, protective trays, disposable or reusable trays and technical cushioning will fit easily into industrial processes: for stacking or unshackling, the automation of our packaging on your packaging lines, cgl pack is the trusted partner who is capable of providing technical solutions to your needs.

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